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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Out of the Darkness"

“He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.” Dan. 3:25

Reason for the Season



This week we enjoyed the Treasured Trials Conference with the Campbells and the Bishops. What a blessing it was to my heart!  Although, at first, it was difficult for me to watch Bro. Kerby writhe through his pain, the longer I was with him it was evident that beneath the surface, suffering was a deep well of joy. Our conversations revealed to me a deep truth about the grace of God. Bro. Kerby’s pain was all I could think to talk about in our fellowship on Sunday, but it was soon evident that he had much more on his mind than his pain. There was a deeper peace, and sweeter joy in his heart, and Jesus was on his mind. It was truly amazing to behold! Bro. Bishop and Bro. Campbell had dealt with their afflictions long ago; they had given their trials to God, and accepted His grace and strength in exchange. It became crystal clear that I was the one who was struggling with their pain, not them. I was given hope this week, in that, when trials come my way, there is a deeper experience to be had in the Christian’s life, if the trial is given to God.

I came across this poem, and thought it so fitting:

“Out of the Darkness”

Out of the dark forbidding soil,

The pure white lilies grow.

Out of the black and murky clouds,

Descends the stainless snow.

Out of the crawling earth-bound worm,

A butterfly is born.

Out of the somber shrouded night,

Behold! A golden morn!

Out of the pain and stress of life,

The peace of God pours down.

Out of the nails--the spear--the cross,

Redemption--and a crown!                 --unknown


On this side of a trial, I experience fear and dread, but I have looked in the window of the fiery furnace this week, and I did not see two suffering men (Bro. Bishop and Bro. Campbell), I saw that Fourth Man in there with them! Yes, I saw the Lord in these men, and it gave me hope!

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