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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Luke 12:34

        Money.  That is the first thing people think about when they hear this verse.  Many people turn a deaf ear to this truth because they think they already give enough to the Lord.  I think it is safe to say that none of us can really give back to the Lord what we owe Him.  After all, He gave everything He had for us.  Is it fair then to say that Jesus is giving this truth to simply get more of our money?  God forbid.
         Is our money really “treasure”?  To some it may be, but I don’t think it’s the treasure Jesus was talking about.  I do not believe that Jesus was telling us to send as much money to Heaven as we can.  Yes, we are to tithe, give offerings and use our money to get the Gospel out to every creature.  This is elementary to the Christian faith.  However, it is a mistake to equate “treasure” with “money.”  Money certainly can be used for many good things, but it is a tool not a treasure. God says that when our hearts get involved with our money, it produces a root that grows evil (I Tim 6:10).  God also refers to money as “filthy lucre” (I Tim 3:3).  We ought to be thankful for the money we earn, and be good stewards of its use, but it is certainly not a treasure.
          To understand this verse, look at Luke 12:13.  Jesus was speaking and was interrupted by a man whose brother would not split the inheritance with him.  He wanted Jesus to scold his brother and make it right.  Jesus rather goes into a message on what a man’s life truly consists of.  It is safe to say that these things are truly the treasures where a man is to put his heart into.  What are they?

1.    His soul (16-21)
        A man may spend his life acquiring riches and putting them in safe  
        places. Yet, if that man fails to place his souls in God’s safekeeping, he
        has gained nothing and lost everything.  Is your soul “rich toward
 2.     His Supplier (22-32)
         The real treasure in this world is not the things in it, but He from    
         Whom all things        come.  God has control of all the supply of this
         world.  The greatest treasure we     can have is a right standing with
          the Treasurer!
  3.    His service (35-40)
        We who have committed our souls to God’s keeping, and rely on Him to
         supply our needs must have our loins girt and our lamps lit.  Both of
         these things are pictures of our service to Him.  We are to gird
         ourselves with the garments of truth and service, and light our lamps
         to reach the world.  He is coming again and He wants to find us
         faithfully serving Him, and then He will serve us!  What a treasure.

         These things are the real treasures of this life.  Let each of us make sure that we have these treasures, and that we put our very heart into each of them.

Study verses:  Luke 12:13-40

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