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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


An Expected End
“…remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

For many Christians giving is not an issue. For some it is a stone of stumbling and rock of offence. Anyone who has been saved for any length of time knows that a Christian is supposed to give.  Giving is a Christian character. It is a quality that comes from our new nature. In other words, it is as natural for the new nature to want to give as it is for the old nature to want to be selfish. The new man is fashioned after Christ, so naturally he desires to give and is glad to do so.

Although many Christians will accept the fact that it is a Christian character to give, they do stumble over how much to give. “I mean”, some say, “I gave. Isn’t that enough?” While a giving attitude is necessary for a Christian to possess, it is also equally necessary that he have an obedient spirit. God lays out plainly in the Bible what kind of giving is pleasing to Him, and that should be the Christian’s goal.

Giving that pleases God:

1.    Firstfruit giving  - Proverbs 3:9; Romans 11:16
Firstfruit giving is what acknowledges God’s ownership of our lives. This giving puts paying God first on the list. It means that I give to God before the mortgage, groceries or car. It reflects the Christian’s attitude toward being a steward of God’s possessions.

2.    Tithing – Genesis 14:20; Malachi 3:8
Tithing is simply a percentage. The Bible calls it the tenth. This means that I owe God the first dime of every dollar I make. Anything less is taking from what rightfully belongs to Him, and is what the Bible calls “robbing” God. God made the tithe holy, or set apart for Him, so that everyone had equal opportunity to honor Him. I am glad there is no required amount, for I don’t make as much as some. I can, however, give as equally as others by percentage.

3.    Offering Giving – Genesis 4:4; Malachi 3:8
This is always associated with sacrifice. My tithe is what I owe to God, but my offering is a sacrifice of love to God. This is over and above my tithe and is a sacrifice of what is rightfully mine to keep, but it is willingly given to God. This pleases Him. God looks upon the love of this gift and pours out blessings.

4.    Cheerful Giving – II Corinthians 9:7
This is the attitude in which all of our giving should be done. We ought not to give out of necessity, or because we have to, but because we love our Saviour. We ought to jump at the opportunity to give back to God.

Will you be a giver that pleases God this year? Or will you live another year outside the blessing of God?

Study verses: Malachi 3:7-11; Luke 6:38; John 3:16; II Corinthians 9:1-15   

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