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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Above the Storm"

Above the Storm
Who covereth the heaven with clouds, who prepareth rain for the earth, who maketh grass to grow upon the mountains.
Psalm 147:8


     As I'm writing this, Hattiesburg is under a flash flood watch.  Rain is falling and expected to fall for the next ten hours.  However, I am sitting at 33,000 feet above sea level and looking at a beautiful blue sky.  When I left home early this morning the rain was falling and the sky was dark gray.  I boarded my flight and in a few minutes I was bouncing through all those storm clouds, when suddenly the airplane filled with light and smoothed right out.  I am looking now at the most beautiful landscape of clouds thousands of feet below me, and a baby blue sky all around me.  While I am in the sunshine, many others are in the storm.  I want to remind all of you under the clouds that the sun is still shining up here!

     To all of you that are going through the storms of life let me say, "It may be dark and rainy right now, but above those clouds the sun is shining."  The storms may change your plans for the time being, but you need the storm.  It brings the rain, and growth will be the result.  The storm is only here for a while, and when it passes your life will be the better for it.  It may not be what you wanted for the day, but it is what you need for tomorrow.  When it clears, you'll see the sun again, for the sun was always there.

     Take hope then, people of God.  When clouds gather, and the wind blows, the sky is clear above the storm.  Your God sits above it all, and He has it all under control.  Take the word of someone who was just under the same storm you are under now. Believe my testimony!  This too shall pass, and the sun will break through.  Let the rains come, let the skies grow dark; we will only grow from what they leave behind.  So live above your storms!  See them from up here, and you will see that they don't look as threatening.  My, those same gray, dark clouds sure look beautiful from up here—above the storm.

Study verses - Psalm 107:28-31; 148:8; Isaiah 4:6; 25:4; Nahum 1:3;  

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