Words Of Truth - April 7, 2010

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

"We Admire"

We Admire
"Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law."
Romans 13:10

     The following devotional was written by Mr. J. C. Penny in the Christian Herald, during the 1920’s:    

     What is it that we admire in an individual or a business?—for business is but the reflection of the ideals of an individual.  Is it wealth, position, good looks or beauty, or even pleasant manners?

No, it is none of these.  Many of the men of our nation have been poor and often downright ugly.  Many of our noblest women have been homely.  But through these rough exteriors has shown that something which has made their names immortal, their lives a blessing and an inspiration to humanity.

What is it, then, that makes the names of people stand out in our memory?  Why, it is that indefinable something called the soul or spirit!  We see an electric light and ask ourselves what it is.  We know it is a power, but it is beyond us to define it.  So it is with that indescribable thing about human beings which draws us toward them as if by some magnetic power.  Such folks are thoroughly unselfish, courteous, obliging, sympathetic, charitable, optimistic and hopeful.  They see the good in everything and everybody.  They are positive forces instead of negative.  They encourage rather than discourage; they help instead of hinder; they are full of love instead of hate.

Thus it is that some people are more popular than others and some businesses flourish while others dwindle into decay and fail.

(The text verse and study verses have been added to reinforce the truth
of this devotion.)

Study verses - Romans 12:9-21; I Corinthians 13; Proverbs 11:9-16; Proverbs 10:11-32.

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